Sandy Allen – Church Council President


Sandy Allen is the current St. John Church Council President, being elected in January, 2019.  She has served in a number of capacities on the Council, including leading the Public Relations Committee and the Worship Committee.  She is also a past member of the Greater Milwaukee Women’s Synodical Board, where she served in the position of Secretary.  She is very active in the congregation, as a member of the Worship Committee and the St. John Choir and St. John Glory Ringers, and plays her flute to accompany various worship services.  Sandy is an Assisting Minister, Lector and the leader of the Altar Guild, and also the unofficial St. John photographer.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Dale, for almost 35 years, and has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.  Sandy is excited to lead the St. John congregation for the next year, and looks forward to the challenges and rewards involved with this position. 

How to Join

We encourage you to join us for worship one Sunday to experience St. John Grafton! We welcome your questions before or after visiting. We are also happy to arrange a private visit/tour of our church building to get familiar with our space and ask questions. Feel free to contact us at or 262.377.0410 with questions, to request a follow-up via email or phone, or to set up an appointment with Pr. Jim.